Janissaries EP

by The D/A Method

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In advance of the forthcoming release of our debut full length album, The Great Disillusion, we decided to release the Janissaries EP as a taste of what's to come. The title track, Janissaries, is from the record.


released December 24, 2014

The D/A Method are:
Umair Dar
Talha Alvie
Usama Siddiq
Istvan Csabai

The Janissaries EP cover art was created by Sara Umar.



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The D/A Method Karachi, Pakistan

The D/A Method is a progressive rock band from Pakistan.
The band released its debut full-length album in 2015 and is currently completing its second album which is being co-produced and mixed by Bruce Soord (The Pineapple Thief, Wisdom of Crowds). ... more

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Track Name: Janissaries

I walk into the setting sun
My head is held high
I don't know where I've come but
I'm marching forward
Into the void

I pull my boot straps tight
My pack is set
I am the jannisary of today

I'm off to war but
You're in my way

And I will come back
But would you stay?

So far away...
Believe me when I say...

See a field of endless green
I can't explain the
Space beyond this hate and ignorance
Are these illusions?
What have I done?

Space between my fear and love
My soul is aching
Have to find my way back up to you

My disillusion
Has nearly killed me

My retribution

Jan nissar hai tujh pe jannisaarie
Ke kal hum sar utha ke chalain
Jan nissar hai tujh pe jannisaarie
Apne khuda ki janib
Koi to jawab le ke chalain

Wasn't meant to be this way
Deluding myself another day

A walked a path that was set for me
But, didn't realise that my soul is free

I must confess now that it's all over
I'm just left with doubt.
You don't believe me?
Well, can't you see my mind is almost as foggy as the clouds?
That hover over,
to cast a shadow right across the mountains and the rivers of my land.

And then she tells me
Just who I am x2

The light within is already gone
I don't feel It's pull any more
How much further
do you want me to go?

And now I see the sky open up right in front of me
The rain falls down and...
Washes away all of the pain that I feel
I hear your voice and...
It's calling me as I run forward through the fields
I was a janissary
But having seen the light I just know that I am free
I am free
Track Name: Brave (Katatonia Cover)

If you didn't know
All the moments
When I lose myself
I would tell the world
I'm catching flies by now
Speaking to someone
Breaking the windows
This house is dead

The sound of falling
When the pictures are moving
Between the memories

The sound of falling
When the pictures are moving
Dead in time

Brave, try the meaning of loss
I know your smile is deadly at this point
Wherever you are I am not

If you didn't know
All the moments
When I lose myself
I would tell the world
I guess I should have known
There's a limit to this fall
The moment I found myself
Not breathing at all