The Great Disillusion

by The D/A Method

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Judy Humphries This is, quite simply, one of the most refreshing and exciting prog albums around- beautifully composed, arranged and recorded; distinctive sound; and thoroughly engaging from start to finish.
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The debut full length album from Pakistani progressive rock band The D/A Method


released December 27, 2015

Written, produced, and performed by The D/A Method.



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The D/A Method Karachi, Pakistan

The D/A Method is a progressive rock band from Pakistan.
The band released its debut full-length album in 2015 and is currently completing its second album which is being co-produced and mixed by Bruce Soord (The Pineapple Thief, Wisdom of Crowds). ... more

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Track Name: Angels & Djinn
Hey, I heard you call my name
I heard you went insane
Life is not a game
Wish you were here to stay
In your messed up way
I heard you call my name

Won’t you take a ride?
Won’t you kill some time?
Can you find a way to me?

I don’t have a lot of time
The whole world is mine
Give me a sign
Let me know you’re mine
Maybe just a smile
Let me in a while

Won’t you take a ride?
Won’t you kill some time?
Can you find a way, to me?
Won’t you take a ride?
Won’t you kill some time?
Can you find a way to me?
Track Name: Transcendence
existence or experience beyond the normal or physical level
Track Name: A Day in September
Sirens cry into the night
When darkness falls
Violent days are up ahead
We live with no hope
There’s a darkness all around
These hearts of stone
Fires rage, the city breaks
We need a hero

There’s still time to change it all
A brand new start
Colours fade to green and white
The flags of fathers
Throw your chains, stand on your own
A dream not far
Turning back the clock again
A brand new heart

Walk away, don’t look back
There is nothing in the black
Running through the world unknown
Will we ever find our home?
Track Name: The Illusionist
Felt a chill down my spine
Wait a minute there it’s my delusional state of mind
I heard a beat in my head
Tellin’ me "boy go chase your dreams before they’re dead"

This time I’m not holdin’ back
You know I never meant to leave this world intact
There’s a voice in my head
Won’t shut up, it won’t shut up, I gotta go and put it to bed

I got a six-string, a sick mind, body parts frankensteined
And not a lot of time
Gotta run through the day
Burn through the night you know I never ever miss a fight

No one knows my sorrow
I am the Illusionist
Will I see tomorrow?
Or is this just another twist?

Why am I so hollow?
I am the Illusionist
Bitter pill to swallow
Man I just couldn’t resist

No more chills down my spine
Wait a minute where is my delusional state of mind?
No more beats in my head
Wonderin’ now if all of this is real, or am I dead?

So this time I’m just holdin’ back
Guess I’ll wait until I hear the track
There’s no voice in my head
Feel so alone I think I’d rather just stay in bed

No one knows my sorrow
I am the Illusionist
Will I see tomorrow?
Or is this just another twist?

I can’t see what’s real
I am the Illusionist
Lost in my own hell
Man I just couldn’t resist
Track Name: Darvaish
Ghoom darvaish ghoom
Paani kay hazaron boondh
Aur aatish ki noor
Mein mil kar ghoom

Ghoom darvaish ghoom
Tera ishq zamanay mein mushhoor
Tera imaan mazboot
Mere sapnon mein…

Mere mann mein

Mullah kee nazar
Noor-e-firasat se khalee hai
Darvaish to…
Rooh-e-nafasat par jhoomta hai

Is kaum mein magar
Muddat se who darvaish nayaab hai
Dhoondun to milay
Mere dil mein…

Mere mann mein
Mere tann mein ghoom

Whirl darvaish whirl
In thousands of drops of water
And the light of fire
Merge and whirl

Whirl darvaish whirl
Your love – legendary through the ages
Your faith – strong
In my dreams…

In my mind

The Mullah’s sight
Has lost the light of penetrative vision
But the darvaish…
Dances to a refined frequency

In this nation
For ages the darvaish has been scarce
If I search I’ll find him
In my heart…

In my mind
In my body, whirl
Track Name: Alvida
Track Name: The Wax Museum
A wicked smile
Kept in a vile
Sewn on his face

He stands in a room
So full of light
Behind the curtain
There is evil inside

Packed hopes and dreams
Sent in exile
A familiar place
The sky

His time will come
So full of lies
Now I am certain
He dies

This place is worth so much
More than you'll ever know
So leave us be and take your place
The wax museum
Track Name: Disillusion
I can’t see the forest for the trees
I don’t know what it all means for me
There is no evidence
No reason to defend
This life ain’t good enough for me

I used to hold my head up high
I used to walk with kings, look through their eyes
But then a day came
When something changed inside
I don’t know what’s become of my life

I can’t see the light
Only darkness
I can’t hear the beat
Any longer
I just feel the pain
When everything falls away
Everything falls away

I heard a voice calling from the trees
Didn’t know what it all meant for me
A stranger needing help
I did just what I felt
And that changed everything for me

And I see the light
Burning brighter
And I hear the songs
So much clearer
And I feel alive
And I feel the hope
Track Name: Janissaries
I walk into the setting sun
My head is held high
I don't know where I've come but
I'm marching forward
Into the void

I pull my boot straps tight
My pack is set
I am the jannisary of today

I'm off to war but
You're in my way

And I will come back
But would you stay?

So far away...
Believe me when I say...

See a field of endless green
I can't explain the
Space beyond this hate and ignorance
Are these illusions?
What have I done?

Space between my fear and love
My soul is aching
Have to find my way back up to you

My disillusion
Has nearly killed me

My retribution

Jan nissar hai tujh pe jannisaarie
Ke kal hum sar utha ke chalain
Jan nissar hai tujh pe jannisaarie
Apne khuda ki janib
Koi to jawab le ke chalain

Wasn't meant to be this way
Deluding myself another day

A walked a path that was set for me
But, didn't realise that my soul is free

I must confess now that it's all over
I'm just left with doubt.
You don't believe me?
Well, can't you see my mind is almost as foggy as the clouds?
That hover over,
to cast a shadow right across the mountains and the rivers of my land.

And then she tells me
Just who I am

The light within is already gone
I don't feel It's pull any more
How much further
do you want me to go?

And now I see the sky open up right in front of me
The rain falls down and...
Washes away all of the pain that I feel
I hear your voice and...
It's calling me as I run forward through the fields
I was a janissary
But having seen the light I just know that I am free
I am free
Track Name: Karakoram
And I've reached these dizzy heights
A thousand miles away
The echoes are all I hear and I'm
Standing on my own

Where do I start
When the sky looks down on me
With miles to go
There is no end that I see

I take a step
And the rocks crumble beneath
But I take a breath
And begin this climb

I carry my weight up to the sun
It's hard to let go of all I've said and done
Despite the harshness of the cold
I won't surrender until I've found my home
Lord, just give me the strength to climb this peak
And I will gladly face what awaits for me
Track Name: Aitzaz
A song for the martyr
Track Name: Hope Lives
Here we stand
Beneath this orange glow
So far away from home

No my love
Don't hang your head now
There's still hope

I gave it all
For your abode
Still I died alone

You took my heart
Ripped my soul apart
Pushed me into the void

This hope lives upon all my broken dreams
I carry it in my heart, can't you see?

I've made my peace with all my pieces of pain
You know I just took them all and rearranged

This fire has burnt away my self delusion
And I am left with my soul's reflection

This hope lives upon all our broken dreams
We carry it in our hearts, endlessly